General rules:

Under the project, two summer and one winter schools for PhD students will be conducted. The summers schools will be in the blended learning form while the winter school will be in the online learning form only.

The planned school participants are 40 foreign PhD students who want to expand their knowledge in the field of clean energy and functional materials. The PhD students should confirm their status by an appropriate document from their home university / institute both at the time of entering into the Project and its termination.

Because all lectures and laboratory demonstrations will be conducted in English the Project participants English level should be at least B2.

Participants who will take part in the stationary part of the summer schools can receive a scholarship (limited up to 4 000 PLN) to reimburse travel and accommodation. The number of scholarships is limited and its value for particular summer school will be given in the bookmark related to the school. The recruitment processes of foreign PhD students will be carried out separately for each school.

During the recruitment process, the following will be taken into account: publishing activity, awards, project implementation, the relationship between the scientific field and discipline of the PhD thesis and the topic of the particular school. Based on the information in the applications a group of the best PhD students will be selected to be invited to an online interview. The recruitment procedure allows selecting PhD students who will benefit most from the participation in the school. The details of the recruitment procedure are included in the Rules of the participation of PhD students in the project.

At the first stage of the recruitment process the applicants are obliged to send an application form with all required attachments to the Project Office via email ( All documents should be signed by the applicant.

The complete application should contain all documents from the list:

a) application form,

b) motivation letter of a candidate including scientific activities,

c) opinion of supervisor in the matter of the School participation,

d) declaration of entering into the Project (Annex no. 1),

e) personal data form of the Project Participant to be entered into the IT system of the NAWA Agency for the purposes of Project participants monitoring (Annex no. 2),

f) original document confirming the student status issued by the home university/ institute,

g) English language certificate, optional.

    As forms related to documents required for points a), b) scientific activities, d), e) appropriate files listed in the downloads should be used. Documents in any other form will not be considered during the recruitment process.