Under the project, three summer / winter schools for PhD students will be conducted in the topics: clean energy, intelligent materials, diagnostics, structural analyses, intelligent distributed generation.

The aims of the project are e.g.:

  • Enriching the educational program of the TSD PAN

  • Acquainting foreign PhD students and institutions with the scientific offer (educational and research activities) of the IMP PAN

  • Increasing the internationality of the IMP PAN (especially TSD PAN)

The effects of the project are e.g.:

  • Possessing the knowledge and increasing the practical skills of PhD students

  • Enabling cooperation among PhD students, IMP PAN and other research centers/ enterprises leading to the submission of joint scientific projects in the future

  • Increasing the recognition of IMP PAN in the international arena

  • Increasing the recognition of educational activities of the TSD PAN in the international arena

  • Increasing of mobility of the IMP PAN scientists

  • Promotion of Poland to foreigners (PhD students) – increasing their knowledge about Polish history and culture

We hope, that participation in the project will encourage graduates of the summer/ winter schools to consider scientific cooperation between the PhD students and IMP PAN.