The Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN)

The IMP PAN was founded in 1956 and now is the leading scientific unit of Polish Academy of Sciences in the Northern Poland and the second largest in the country. The Institute employs over 230 employees (120 with scientific degree and 30 nominated professors).The research and innovation at the IMP PAN is related to a various of subjects from the mechanical engineering discipline. It covers the area of material degradation processes, diagnostics (structural health monitoring and enhanced non-destructive techniques) fluid flows with heat transfer, flows with chemical reactions and microstructure, mikro and nano flows, plasma and laser techniques, material development for energetic application, designing a prototypic solutions for energy conversion application, additive manufacturing techniques.

Motto of the Institute: Combination of basic and applied research

The institute in a nutshell:

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